Why Stokastra?

We're North India's largest stock & forex training institute, but it's not just about size. We're passionate about empowering students like you to become confident, successful traders.

STOKASTRA-Where India's Stock & Forex Traders Take Flight

Tired of stock market FOMO?
At Stokastra, We Empower Individuals to become Confident, Profitable Traders, not just Spectators. As North India's largest stock & forex training institute, we provide:
Expert-Led Courses : Learn from seasoned professionals with proven track records.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Master technical & fundamental analysis, risk management, and live trading strategies.
Unmatched Support: Get personalized guidance, mentorship, and community access to fuel your success.
Career-Focused: Gain the skills and confidence to land your dream trading job.

Sahil Arora

Founder & MD

Naman Arora

Founder and MD

Stokastra isn't just a training institute, it's a launchpad for your trading dreams. Choose us, and choose success.

Empowering You With Knowledge

Igniting Your Passion

Building Your Confidence

Celebrating Your Achievements


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Modules transform smart trading by automating processes and improving decision-making.

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Courses We Offer

Don't Just Invest in a Course,
Invest in Your Future

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Batch times to fit your life. Choose from morning, afternoon, or evening.

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New batch starts every hour/1.5 hrs.


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New batch starts every hour/1.5 hrs.


Your Ideal Batch.


Learner Roadmap

Stokastra, Doesn't Just Educate, We Empower.
We're Dedicated to Igniting your Trading Journey

Enroll & Ignite

Step 1

Join Stokastra's diverse community and unlock a world of possibilities. Our expert-led courses cater to all levels, from beginners to aspiring professionals.

Master the Fundamentals

Step 2

Dive deep into technical & fundamental analysis, risk management, and market psychology. Gain the knowledge to make informed decisions and navigate the market with confidence.

Hone Your Skills

Step 3

Go beyond theory with live trading simulations and real-time market analysis. Practice your strategies in a safe environment, gaining valuable experience before entering the real market.

Find Your Niche

Step 4

Explore various asset classes like stocks, forex, and commodities. Discover your trading style and tailor your approach to maximize your potential.

Build Your Network

Step 5

Connect and learn from experienced mentors and fellow traders. Our supportive community provides invaluable guidance and keeps you motivated throughout your journey.

Trade with Confidence

Step 6

Equipped with knowledge, experience, and a supportive network, graduate as a confident trader ready to take on the market.

Listen From Our Students

We love connecting with our students to hear about their experiences and how we can improve.

I recently joined Stokastra Institute to delve deeper into the world of stock market trading, and I couldn't have asked for a better guide than Naman Sir. His teaching style is truly remarkable, combining clear explanations with real-world examples that resonate deeply. He has an art for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible nuggets, making even the most challenging aspects of the market understandable. Naman Sir's passion for the subject is commendable, and his enthusiasm spills over into every lecture, providing a truly engaging learning environment. He is incredibly patient and always willing to answer questions, no matter how basic they may seem. But Naman Sir's brilliance extends beyond just theoretical knowledge. He provides invaluable guidance, constantly sharing practical tips and strategies that can be applied directly in the market. His insights are incredibly valuable, and I have no doubt they will play a key role in my trading journey. What truly sets Naman Sir apart is his genuine care for his students. He is invested in their success and goes the extra mile to ensure they understand the material. Joining Stokastra Institute and learning from Naman Sir has been an invaluable experience. I highly recommend this institute to anyone seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the stock market and develop the skills needed to navigate it successfully. With Naman Sir's guidance, I am confident that I am on the right track to achieving my financial goals.

I enrolled Stokastra institute to understand the complexity of trading, Naman sir expertise made the learning process smooth.The course content covers all aspects of stock market dynamics. Sahil Sir Motivate More and More Daily About the Stoke Market. Sahil Sir Motivate Daily, When i meet him.. experience Is Going to Good.

I started the course as a novice and step by step through Sirs teaching, I understood options in a way that it became very easy to understand options as a whole and its strategies in a very practical way. Sir has a very interactive way of teaching, his knowledge is vast and he tells things in a way you can grasp it easily and implement it when applying in the market. A very good course for any one who wants to understand options.

Stokastra is awesome! Their stock trading tools are top-notch, making it easy for me to navigate the market. Customer service is super helpful, and they even partnered with AIESEC in Ludhiana to conduct an event in the city. Overall, a great company that goes the extra mile. Definitely five stars!

I'm obliged to be part of stokastra❤️ it has made me a person i want to be and has given a chance to be financially healthy with the help of giving the best knowledge about Stock market!! 'Naman sir always try to give best out of possible in every possible way .Staff is very helpful and friendly in nature.Thankyou stokastra team for a great help and guidance☺️

This is North India’s most prestigious institution where I have learned alot of things and have covered losses.. This institute has changed my psychology and has benefited me much🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! Got questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ page for all the deets. Still not satisfied? Hit us up.

Yes, the Ultimate Mentorship Program is designed to guide and support newcomers in the stock market.

No, There is no need of any specific qualification to join.

All the 3 languages. Hindi English, Punjabi, we teach in a simplified method that a 10 year old student can also learn easily .

Yes, the Ultimate Mentorship Program includes live market sessions where participants can observe and learn from real-time market activities and analysis.

If you miss a live session in the Ultimate Mentorship Program, you may have access to recorded sessions or materials to review and catch up on the missed content.

The duration of the Ultimate Mentorship Program may vary depending on the specific program you enroll in. It could range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the depth of the content and level of mentorship provided.

The capital required for trading after learning the process in the Ultimate Mentorship Program can vary based on individual trading goals and strategies. It is recommended to start with a capital amount that you are comfortable risking and can afford to lose.

Stokastra helps traders become successful in a shorter time by providing advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, empowering them with accurate market analysis and timely information for informed decision-making in their trading activities.

Stokastra helps traders become successful in a shorter time by providing advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, empowering them with accurate market analysis and timely information for informed decision-making in their trading activities.

We have various batches . Our class duration is 1to 1.5 hours and so on Timings of classes.(11 am 12:30 ,3:00 ,4:30 ) we have resheduled batches also) If u miss any class u can join revision batches )

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